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Build Something Bigger
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Build Something Bigger

When business expansion opportunities or the possibilities of a new business idea arise, you have the power to take immediate advantage of them with Indexia Finance. With maximum commercial real estate loans, payment flexibility, a special Surrogate Income Programmer, a lack of finance need never be an issue.Indexia Finance Commercial Purchase.

Our higher loan eligibility enables you to avail of the greatest possible property finance, and eliminates any need to compromise on your choice of commercial property – whether it is for expanding an existing business or building a new one, whether you are salaried or self-employed.

We understand the truth in the old adage that time is money when you’re in business, which is why you can apply for your Commercial Property Purchase Loans online, and have the documents delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t just build a business, lay the foundations for big ambitions.

Features and Benefits

Maximum loan amount for purchase of property

Higher loan eligibility

We cater to the needs of all segments – Salaried or Self Employed

Flexibility of loan tenure, Easy repayment option by way of simple EMI

Special ‘No income document’ program


Minimum Age of Applicant: 21 years

Business / Service Continuity

Residency stability

Minimum Gross Annual Income of Rs 200,000

Salaried / Self employed professional and Self employed non professional

All loans will be at the sole discretion of the company/Bank

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You just need to fill few details at our portal and the right bank will be at your doorstep.

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Indexia Finance commercial purchase

Indexia Finance is Entire Loan Destinantion,where you can fulfill your dreams.Indexia Finance provides bank loan and is amongst the top 3 finance company and top 3 loan service provider in India.

Required Documents


Application form

Passport copy / PAN Card / Ration card

Passport sized photographs of all applicants / co-applicants

Latest Form 16 and 3 months salary statement

Latest 6 month bank statement

Repayment track record, if any

Sole Proprietor/Partnership/Pvt Ltd company

Application form

Passport copy / PAN Card / Ration card

Office address proof

Passport sized photographs of all applicants / co-applicants

Certified copies of MOA / AOA /Partnership deed

Repayment track record

2 years audited financials

2 yrs ITR of directors/partners

6 months bank statement of main operating account

Professional qualification certificate in case of Doctors / CA / Lawyers / Architects.

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